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Opening Hours & Prices

Mountain Peak Park Business Hours(The heaviest ride 30 minutes before closing)

Business Hours
Last service of lift and Cable Car
March 1 – November 30
9:00 〜 17:00
Up / 16:30・Down / 16:50
December 1 – February 28
9:00 〜 16:30
Up / 16:00・Down / 16:20

Holiday:December 31, 2024 〜 January 2, 2025 / February 3, 2025 〜 February 7, 2025
*Prefectural Route Mikata Five Lakes Rainbow Line can be used even on holidays.

Mountain Peak Park Entrance Fee (Includes lift and cable car fees)

*Preschool children are free of charge.
*Please show proof of birth date of the applicable person for the senior discount. Only the person in question is eligible for the discount.
*Various discounts are available for JAF members, Montbell Card members, etc. (Please be sure to ask for the discount before purchasing tickets.
*Discounts cannot be combined or refunded after payment is made.

Adults (ages middle school and above)
Young children (elementary school age)
General Admission
Disability Discount
Senior Discount (65 years old and over)
Please show proof of your date of birth.
Annual Pass

Travel Time : Prefectural Route Mikata Five Lakes Rainbow Line

  8:00 〜 18:00 (Closed at night)

Parking Fee : Prefectural Route Mikata Five Lakes Rainbow Line

Parking Fee
Standard car
Bus type automobile under 8t
Large bus

 *This area is not accessible by bicycle or on foot. Please use a cab or rental car.
 *Please use Parking Lot 2 only when Parking Lot 1 is full.


Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Park Mikata Five Lakes Rainbow Line Summit Park
75-2-6, Hyuga, Mihama-cho, Mikata-gun, Fukui 919-1126

 Rainbow Line Summit Park is located on the Mikata Five Lakes Rainbow Line.
Please come from the Hyuga Gate (Mihama Town side) or the Kaizan Gate (Wakasa Town side).

 The summit park is not accessible on foot. Please use cabs, sightseeing cabs, or rental cars if you are using public transportation such as trains.