1. Mikatagoko
  2. East/West Observatory
  3. Rose garden
  4. Itsuki Hiroshi Monument
  5. Lover's Sanctuary
  6. Wishing Plates,Tengu-dou
  7. Wago Shrine
  8. Resting Place
  9. Open-air Sculpture
  10. Anzen Jizo


Furusato Wedding


Sightseeing in neighborhood

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East Observatory

The panoramic view of 360 degrees can provide you experience overwhelming world view. From the Japan Sea to Mikata Five Lakes, from Cape Echizen to Tsuruga Peninshula, and from Hakusan to Mt. Sanjusangen - you can enjoy the spectacular view of all around the 360 degrees at once.

East Observatory

Your wishes come true at the observatory of hope and vow. The view from the west observatory is open to Ube island floating on Wakasa Bay, Mt. Kusuyagatake through Mt. Aoba and Tango peninsula in the distance. At the observatory, you can also experience ‘Wishing plates’ to make a wish and ‘Love Locks’ to make a vow.