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Mountain Peak Park

Heavenly Terrace

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Opening Hours & Prices

Mountain Peak Park Business Hours(The heaviest ride 30 minutes before closing)

Summer seasonApril 1-July 31
September 1-November 30
March 1-March 31
9: 00-17: 00
Summer vacation periodAugust 1-August 319: 00-17: 00
Winter seasonDecember 1-February 289: 00-16: 30

*Please see the page for business hours of each facility.

Mountain Peak Park Admission Price(including lift and cable car ride fees)

Admission PriceAdult (junior high school student and over) 1,000 yenChild (elementary school student) 500 yen
Disabled discountAdult (junior high school student and over) 600 yenChild (elementary school student) 300 yen
Group discount (15 or more)Adult (junior high school student and over) 900 yenChild (elementary school student) 500 yen
Silver discount (65 and over)65 and over 900 yen (Show your birthday)
Annual passportAdult (junior high school student and over) 5,000 yenChild (elementary school student) 3,000 yen

*There are various discounts and regional discounts such as JAF and Montbell. (Available at the ticket counter)
*Free for preschoolers.

To visit Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park, you need Mikata Five Lakes toll road tolls.
The Rainbow Line, which guides you to the mountain peak of Umejodake, the No. 1 view point of Mikata Five Lakes, was completed in May 1968 in Fukui with a total construction cost of 915 million yen and a year and 10 months. It is 11.24 km from Mihama-cho Sasada to Wakasa-cho Umiyama.

Mikata Five Lakes Toll Road Traffic Time (Please enter 30 minutes before closing)

Summer seasonMarch 1-November 308: 00-18: 00
Winter seasonDecember 1-February 288: 00-18: 00

Parking fee

Regular car
├ 軽自動車・小型自動車
└ 普通自動車
500 yen
Bus type car
└ マイクロバス(capacity 29 or less)
  less than 8 tons(ナンバープレートが小さい)
1,000 yen
Large bus car
└ 大型車(capacity 30 or more)
  8 tons or more(ナンバープレートが大きい)
2,000 yen
2,000 yen
300 yen

*You cannot pass by bicycle or on foot. Please use a taxi or rental car.