1. Mikatagoko
  2. East/West Observatory
  3. Rose garden
  4. Itsuki Hiroshi Monument
  5. Lover's Sanctuary
  6. Wishing Plates,Tengu-dou
  7. Wago Shrine
  8. Resting Place
  9. Open-air Sculpture
  10. Anzen Jizo


Furusato Wedding


Sightseeing in neighborhood

【Business Hours】
*The operating hours are subject to change seasonally. Please check at the website [Access by car] before you travel.
*Weekends, national holiday and the duration of summer holiday season may extend the operation hours.
Rainbow Line.Co.,Ltd
18-2-2 Kiyama,Wakasa-cho,Mikata-Kaminaka-Gun,Fukui
TEL +81-770-45-2678
FAX +81-770-45-1833

Lift & Cable Car

Just 2 minutes ride for one-way
Choose Lift or Cable Car!
*Both Lift and Cable Car are the same riding time

Cable Car: up to 30 people per cabin(*Three of wheelchairs can be accommodated.)
All-weather type. Everyone can enjoy the scenery with wide window and relax even if you may feel uncomfortable to ride a lift.

Lift: 1 person for each lift(running every 8 seconds)
Enjoy beautiful view with seasonal wind.

For Groups: Both cable car and lift may take the same time.(Ref. - approx. travel time)
3 minutes for 60 people
8 minutes for 100 people
12 minutes for 150 people

*There is also a walking trail.

The Summit park Entrance Fee (*including a round trip fare by Lift or Cable Car)
Adult: 800yen
Child: 600yen (aged 6 years to 15 years)
Disabled discount fare:
 Adult 600yen
 Child: 400yen (aged 6 years to Junior High School students or 15 years)
Group discount (over 30 people):
 Adult 700yen per person
 Child: 600yen per person (aged 6 years to Junior High School students or 15 years)

Passengers with pets
Passengers with pets
(Please note that we may ask you to change the order of boarding depending on the situation.)
For large dogs, please use a walking trail.
*Please keep dogs on a leash at the Peak Mountain and enjoy a walk!

Hear Catcher

The cable cars are equipped with the heart-shaped straps. It is named "Heart Catcher" as installed with a wish of "Hold the Heart and Catch happiness."